The Impact Scholarship was set up by Raymond & Martha Dueck in memory of their daughter, Renée, who passed away in 2008 at the age of 23. During her time on this earth, she had a passion to mobilize people into missions and to proclaim the truth of Jesus through the Arts.

Renée was an aspiring filmmaker, writer, and former staff member of Youth with a Mission (YWAM) in Vancouver. Her missions with YWAM took her all over the world, helping people wherever she went.

In 2005, she participated in a outreach program called the Wave USA, which planned to witness to all 48 mainland American states in the span of a year. Her tenure on this mission was cut short as she was diagnosed with cancer that summer.

After going into remission, Renée returned to her beloved Vancouver to embark on a new journey and start her career in the Arts. But two short years later, she relapsed and died due to complications during her cancer treatment.

Before she died, Raymond and Martha had an opportunity to reflect, with Renée, on the importance of helping youth transition from high school to post-secondary education and remain strong in their faith. The Impact Scholarship represents Raymond and Martha`s hope that other young Christians will share in Renée`s vision and carry the same passion to live for Jesus and proclaim His truth.

Watch Renée`s testimony, followed by a theatrical reading of “Earth, Fire, Water, Wind”.

(a performance piece written by Renée).