The impact award is funding to empower local churches to send students to university
campuses as funded missionaries. Churches can apply for $2000 of direct funding intended
to be used as a missionary stipend for the student applicant in their first year of university.
The “Impact Vision” was born out of a deep desire to see young adults come to faith in
Jesus Christ, and for them to become active apprentices who make a Jesus impact on the
world around them for the rest of their lives.


A church that is sending a student missionary to a university campus is eligible for the
Impact Award. The church commits to relational investment in the student throughout the
year and administers the finances of the Award. The student applicant is an active
participant in the church and is currently being mentored.

Successful Applicants are expected to:

  • Raise awareness, regarding the Impact Scholarship, among younger students as well as their church youth minister, and community youth workers.
  • Present the award to new recipients at their alma mater during the graduation ceremony.
  • Actively and faithfully participate in approved campus ministries while maintaining fellowship with their spiritual mentors.

Visit one of our partner organizations to begin the application process.