Making an Impact

My name is E.B. and I have been involved with on campus ministries at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in British Columbia. This past semester (fall 2021) was my first semester in university, pursuing my undergraduate degree in science.

At the end of the summer I began attending events put on by an on campus Christian community called University Christian Ministries (UCM). Over the course of the semester I regularly attended their on campus fellowship nights, social events and joined a weekly small group with other students.

UCM allowed me to connect with other students and campus staff. The fall semester was very strange because due to the pandemic most of my schooling was online; the ability to be able to connect and worship with fellow Christians on campus was a blessing.

In November, UCM organized a week of organized on campus outreach called Missions Week. During Missions Week I got involved by doing evangelism. I spent time standing at a booth in the student center giving out free gum and telling students about UCM. I also went out with other Christian students to do conversational evangelism. This meant that we went up to students and had conversations with them, if they were willing, about ideas such as purpose and identity.

I was very nervous at first but I ended up really enjoying the conversational evangelism because it allowed me to get closer with the other students at UCM and I was able to have a lot of cool conversations with random students. Everyone who I talked to was super open to having a conversation and sharing their ideas. It also allowed me to consider my own testimony of my faith and share it with others.

I was impacted by one speaker who talked at UCM about evangelism. He spoke about the great commission in Matthew 28:19-20 when Jesus says:

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

Jesus tells us to go out into the nations to share the gospel. I find it easy for myself to disregard these commandments in the great commission because I’m just going to school.

The truth is that God calls me to share Jesus with students and university is a really unique place in that there is so much diversity of background and belief. As a group at UCM we also took the time to pray over our fellow students and commission each other into our individual faculties. I found this super encouraging to know that I can be a part of such a faithful and loving community on campus.

I am really looking forward to continuing to be involved with UCM this spring. I am hoping to become more involved and develop stronger relationships with other students as school returns in person. I continue to pray for direction from God as to where he wants me to be and wants me to be doing.

For You are great and perform wonders; You alone are God.

Psalm 86:10

Be a Light

Happy New Year,

A new adventure to come ahead. My name is V____. I just started my second semester at Langara College.

At the beginning of the school year, I joined the Intervarsity Christian Club (IVCF) on campus. I participated in their Bible studies and their fun night meetings. Although I was actively participating and joining a club on campus, I always wondered if God was calling me into a different role/position in this club or other fellowships. So I prayed, and I asked God for guidance and help to support me in learning about His plan and Word. By God’s grace and love, the staff leader at IVCF invited me to join their leadership team at the end of the first semester.

I was surprised by this decision made by her and her leadership team, as I did not know the club as much and it was my first semester joining. The leader explained to me that she felt the Holy Spirit calling her to ask me to join the team, and she accepted the call.

This was an amazing experience. I was able to see God clearly and I was able to live under His presence and care. He is always there leading me and guiding me. I am grateful that He has control over everything and over my life. I do not have to worry about other things, because I believe our Lord always lifts us up and takes care of us; even when we don’t feel Him, He always lights our ways and helps us walk through the difficult times.

I am grateful to have seen and accepted the call to actively take responsibility in the community and to be a light on campus. It’s been a blessing and delight for me to learn more about serving on campus and sharing the gospel with others openly and boldly.

As a new member of the leadership team in the second semester, I have started planning for the small groups and bible studies for IVCF. I hope this opportunity is one of learning about the Word and an opportunity to walk closer with the Lord.